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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

In today’s lawsuit conscious business environment, it is important to be covered for lawsuits stemming from your employees.  Typical general liability and work comp policies do not cover suits arising out of improper hiring, firing, harassment, discrimination, or similar allegations.  To protect you from these sorts of claims, we offer Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI).

But not all EPLI policies are created equal.  We, and our competitors offer coverage through a wide variety of insurance companies, and no two forms are identical.  One of our best coverage forms comes from USLI Insurance.  You can obtain an instant quote by clicking the link below.  USLI has the following advantages:

1)      A++ rating from A.M. Best- The highest rating possible!

2)      $100,000 coverage for violation of the Fair Labor Standards act, which governs wage and hour disputes.  This coverage applies to BOTH defense cost and settlement of the claim.  Many competitors cover only defense cost, or provide no coverage at all.

3)      Defense costs available outside of the coverage limit if $500,000 or more coverage is chosen, for employers with up to 200 employees.  Many companies subtract the cost of defending a claim from your available coverage limit.

4)      Full prior acts coverage.  If you buy EPLI coverage for the first time, most insurance companies exclude coverage for any act that occurred prior to taking out the policy.  If you have had no claims, and are not aware of any issue that is likely to cause a claim, USLI can often include coverage for prior acts.

5)      Coverage for independent contracts as if they were employees.

6)      Optional Third party coverage, which would protect you if you are sued because an employee harasses your customer or independent contractor.

7)      Many other coverage extensions included automatically!

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