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Prize Insurance

Brown's Insurance offers insurance for a wide variety of promotional events and prizes, from hole in one insurance, to field goals, to half court shots, to slap shots. Almost any sort of event, and almost any sort of prize. Prizes are a great way to promote your business and bring customers in the door. Here are some examples of successful promotions:

  • Hole in One Prizes
  • Buy our product, and if the local sports team wins the league championship, you get your money back!
  • Buy our snow clearing equipment, and if there is no snow this winter, get your money back!
  • Hit the half court shot, win a new car from our dealership.

Many prize packages can be quoted instantly and issued online. Please note that this program has a minimum premium of $150 plus tax. If you enter a quote, and it shows a $150 premium, try increasing the prize amount and see if the premium changes. For an instant quote, please click here.

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