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Brown’s Insurance Agency was founded July 1, 1976 by William E. Brown. We were incorporated 4/1/78. The business flourished as a provider of insurance services through the 1980’s. Starting with just three employees in 1978, the agency has continued to grow. Jeffrey N. Brown (Mr. Brown’s son) joined the firm full time March 1, 1983 after graduating from Radford University with a degree in Finance & Insurance (Economics minor). Michael C. Brown joined the firm in 1985 after attending The College of William & Mary for two years. Effective June 30, 1988, William E. Brown sold his interest in the agency to the two sons (Jeff & Mike) and retired.

Since June 1988, the agency has grown from approximately $3 million in annual premium volume to approximately $8.5 million in the year ended 12/31/10. Currently, 70% of our premium volume is derived from commercial property/casualty clients, consisting of approximately 1000 clients. The remaining 30% of our volume is derived from over 1300 satisfied personal lines clients.

Significant Agency Events

On May 15, 1998, we acquired for the rights to expirations from Passmore Insurance & Bonding. Almost 13 years later, we still retain several of the larger clients that we acquired in that transaction. On October 1, 1999, we acquired the Wilmer Hutchison Insurance Agency, and with it the rights to represent Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company. This acquisition was most enjoyable, and has been a profitable one for the agency. Loudoun Mutual has continued to serve many of the clients that Mr. Hutchison originally wrote as far back as 1955. It was determined in conversation with Mr. Hutchison before his death that he wrote the car insurance for William E. Brown’s mother (Jeff and Mike’s grandmother) back in the 1950’s, 20 years before Brown’s Insurance Agency was formed.

William E. Brown passed away in January 2001. Since that time his two sons Jeff and Mike, as well as their brother Richard Brown and sister Kathy Brown together have continued to abide by Bill Brown’s original mission statement: “Treat your clients as you would wish to be treated if your situations were reversed.” By sticking to this age old philosophy our business continues to grow and remain profitable, currently employing a staff of 15.

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