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Looking for Wedding Registry Tips?

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Are you and your significant other getting ready to tie the knot? Then congratulations! Nothing is more exciting—or more important—than getting married. While the wedding itself is a time for celebration, there’s a lot o fwork involved leading up to the big day. Whether it’s putting together the guest list, invitations and reception arrangements, part of the process is putting together your gift registry. Your registry cannot be overlooked, so here are some tips!


Set it up soon: You and your fiancée should put together your registry soon after sending out the invitations. This will allow your guests enough time to find the gifts on your list.

Be flexible: Your registry should contain a wide range of items of varying prices to give guests a large pool to choose from. You don’t want to be too selective and you’ll want to make sure there are a good amount of affordable gifts as well.

Be gracious: You should send every guest who gave a you gift a thoughtful and pleasant thank you card. Since they went through the trouble of getting you that amazing gift you asked for, they deserve some nice words from the newlyweds!

By remembering these tips before setting up your wedding registry you’ll be grateful at what your guests bring you. Congratulations on your big day!


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