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Think Ahead: Make Up Emergency Kits and Review Your Fairfax Insurance

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Are you prepared for an emergency situation that causes utilities such as electricity, water or telephone services to be lost? You are already ahead of the game, because you have a Fairfax insurance policy, but in order to save valuable time if a sudden emergency were to arise, consider making up an emergency kit. Here’s a checklist of items that should be included in an emergency kit:

  • A flashlight, battery-operated radio and spare batteries;
  • Three days’ supply of non-perishable food and a non-electric can opener for canned food; and
  • Three days’ supply of drinking water, at least one gallon per person per day, stored in sealed containers.

According to the READY organization, here are more emergency supplies that would be helpful to have on hand if a disaster forced you to evacuate your home would include:

  • A change of clothing and durable footwear;
  • Waterproof gear;
  • Blankets or sleeping bags;
  • Spare glasses or contact lenses, plus contact lens solution;
  • Prescription medication;
  • A first-aid kit;
  • A tool kit with scissors, screwdrivers, duct tape, pen and paper, needle and thread and a compass;
  • Spare sets of house keys and car keys;
  • Cash, credit card and identification documents such as a driver’s license; and
  • Photocopies of important family documents, including your Fairfax insurance policy.

If you make an emergency kit, the drinking water should be replaced every six months and any prescribed medication should be replaced as it reaches its expiration date.

The items in these emergency kits should provide adequate food, clothing, medication and tools to help you and your family be reasonably self-sufficient for a brief period if you were forced to do without utilities or evacuate your home.  Cash, credit cards, identification and your Fairfax insurance document may help you to obtain further emergency supplies to supplement the basic contents of your emergency kit.

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